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What are the features of the app?

geoHealthApp determines the individual risk of

infection using the location function.​

Based on your whereabouts within the last 14 days,

it determines whether you were in contact 

with infected persons.


Your data is absolutely secure with geoHealthApp!


We generate a random ID to match your GPS coordinates, therefore no person related data is taken up.


geoHealthApp requires no login and is free of charge.



Location-aware content which advances
safety and sustainability


Midway Care

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland

Gutjahrdesign designs the geoHealthApp.

geoHealthApp received the support from HEMEX, whose regulatory experts help to register the software as a CE-certified medical device under the European Medical Device Directive, and also make sure that all data is handled in full compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Data Protection Officer: Pascal Winnen

Phone: +49 1512 568 48 92


More Partners

Coming soon: geoHealthWristband

geoHealthWristband (coming soon) is based on the Low Energy Bluetooth technology. This way children and seniors, who often do not use a smartphone, will have access to the tracing technology.

Beate Stöß

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develops the


Strategic advisory

Shlomo Georg Konwisser

Pascal Winnen

Urs Stromer

Dr. med G. Cathomas

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